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Homes For Sale In Knoxville, TN

Homes For Sale In Knoxville, TN

With a population of 192,000, Knoxville is the third most heavily populated city in Tennessee and is situated close to the eastern border of the state with North Carolina. In the heart of the Tennessee Valley region of the Appalachians, this metropolis of 104 square miles is nestled by the banks of the Tennessee River.

The local economy is currently performing well, with low unemployment rates, and 10-year job growth projections to exceed the national average, at 37.5%. Despite its size, Knoxville is an ideal place for those who love the outdoors with its gorgeous 19th-century buildings, a stellar arts and culture scene, and some of the best performing schools in the state, making it an ideal location for new families to call home.

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Why Buy a House in Knoxville?

Excellent Schools

The Knoxville’s Public school district ranks among the top 80% in Tennessee, with numerous highly regarded institutions in the Western and Northern areas of the city. Knox County Schools’ athletic departments are ranked among the top 5% in the nation! For those seeking alternatives to the public schooling system, Knoxville provides 45 private academic institutions to pick from.

Affordable Real Estate Market

The cost of living in Knoxville is 15% less than the national average, which is among the most alluring aspects of living there. In reality, the city offers reduced prices in every significant price range. Housing is the most noteworthy area where residents can protect their pockets, with the median cost of Knoxville homes for sale sitting at $359.5K as opposed to the national median of $392K.

The average Knoxville resident takes home a slightly lower income ($23,000) than the US average ($28,000), though the state-wide absence of individual income tax offers residents a comfy buffer.

Thriving Job Market

On the list of the nation’s Best Cities for Jobs, Knoxville came in at number 11, earning high marks for its varied employment opportunities.

State and federal government organizations, schools, hospitals, IT companies, banks, aluminum production, defense contractors, retail, and the tourist industry are just a few of the city’s top employment markets.

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What is it Like to Live in Knoxville?

Knoxville offers the perfect balance of city life and rural serenity. From outdoor activities to exciting cultural attractions, there’s always something here for residents to enjoy! Whether it’s exploring nature trails or visiting art galleries downtown — Knoxville never ceases to amaze with its vibrant array of leisure options.

Cultural Scene

Numerous cultural establishments can be found in or close to Knoxville’s downtown. These include galleries dedicated to the arts, local history, and the railroad, as well as local history museums. A children’s museum and other historic homes are also available for tours.

Along with an opera and a symphony, there are also six professional, community, and children’s theaters. The Asian exhibit at the Knoxville Zoo – which has been named among the best in the nation – is a perennial favorite with families.

We Love Sports

The Knoxville region is undoubtedly an excellent fit if you enjoy sports. The city was named the second-best college sports town in the country. The University of Tennessee’s athletic programs, especially football, are idolized by the locals.

In addition, Knoxville is among the few sports cities that are obsessed with women’s collegiate sports, which makes sense given that the UT women’s basketball team consistently competes for the national championship.

Although Knoxville has done well to establish recognition as a golf destination, the Appalachian Mountains aren’t exactly renowned as a golfing haven. There are 14 golf courses in the city, and there are another 11 within 20 miles. Nine of the 25 local golf courses are public, nine are private, and seven are municipal. There’s an alternative for every taste and budget thanks to the diversity of courses.

Exciting Outdoors

Knoxville is known as “The Gateway to the Smoky Mountains” since it is only 34 miles from the 500,000-acre national preserved park that conserves the majority of the Smokies. Over 12 million people visit this national park annually, making it the most popular in the nation.

The 850 miles of hiking trails in the park, including 70 miles of the renowned Appalachian Trail, magnetize visitors from across the globe. Others come to camp with a choice of developed or rustic campsites. Fly fishing for local trout is the third most popular pastime, behind hiking and camping.

Knoxville is close to at least five nature reserves for residents that want to visit a more tranquil and secluded park. Birdwatching at Seven Islands, catching fish and canoeing at Norris Dam, and hiking in Big Ridge, Cherokee, and Cumberland Gap are among the local favorites.

Furthermore, as if the aforementioned forest property wasn’t enough, Knoxville residents have access to 92 parks inside the city borders, totaling around 2,200 acres of conserved territory. You can get involved in virtually every kind of water and woodland activity with family and friends at these parks.

Discover Your Choice of Entertainment

One benefit of residing in a big college town is that there is always vibrant nightlife available, if you enjoy an ice cold drink. There are more than 60 bars, a half-dozen dance clubs, and a ton of live music venues in the Downtown and West areas. There are 20 breweries in this same region where residents love to settle for a cool local microbrew at the end of the day. With over 250 eateries to choose from, you’re sure to find something special to whet your appetite.

Knoxville is known as the city of celebrations. Almost every weekend throughout the year, you’ll find multiple local events to check out. The most well-liked festivals highlight a variety of colorful activities, including Dragon Boat racing, the arts, Mediterranean heritage, beer, musical performances, Hispanic and Asian cultures, pride, farmers, flowers, and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Knoxville is a great place to live! Knoxville offers its residents all the options and luxuries of a metropolitan city as well as the peace and quiet of suburban life!

In Knoxville, Tennessee, the cost of living is 17% less than the national median and 8% less than the state average. Housing costs in Knoxville, Tennessee are 30% less than the national average, while utility costs are roughly 4% lower.