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Sell My House, Knoxville Agent!

Sell My House, Knoxville Agent!

If you’re stressed and overwhelmed, wishing there was some way to sell your Knoxville home quickly and profitably, you’re not alone! As a leading real estate agent in Knoxville, I completely understand. That’s why I work tirelessly to secure a great purchase agreement as efficiently as possible.

Are you asking yourself, how do I sell my home fast, in Knoxville, TN?

While the city itself can’t provide a magical answer, I can! Various Knoxville home factors play a crucial role in the timeliness and profitability of your sale. Given market fluctuations and overall economic trends, Knoxville has the potential to be a seller’s paradise.

The Real Estate Market in Knoxville, TN

The Knoxville, TN, real estate market has become quite competitive, depending on the areas, neighborhoods, and accommodation types. According to Redfin, in December of last year, Knoxville home prices rose over 7% from that same point in 2021. The median sales price currently hovers around $315,900, with the mean Knoxville home remaining on the market for about 45 days.

Meanwhile, the number of homes sold in December 2022 dropped by almost one hundred from December 2021. Between October 2022 and December 2022, 24% of Knoxville home sellers sought to move out of Knoxville entirely

With higher home prices and fewer homes sold, now may be the time to sell before market variables change significantly.

Sell My House, Knoxville

If you’re wondering how do I sell my house, Knoxville realtors can assist. Given Knoxville’s desirable cost of living, and 

assuming healthy appreciation, home sellers may be able to capitalize quickly and profitably.

The following variables will determine the success of your sale.


Sales Price


Median Listing Price


Average Days on Market


Median Household Income

How Do I Sell My House Quickly and Easily?

Before you pull your hair out and repeatedly ask yourself, how do I sell my home fast, Knoxville TN realty can answer. There are several things you can do to make your home as appealing as possible.

Keep Your Place CLEAN

The first thing you need to do is to ensure your home is fully cleaned and clutter-free. Put unused possessions in a storage unit, remove personal trinkets, organize closets and closed spaces, and if need be, hire a professional cleaning company to make the place sparkle.

You want potential buyers to envision themselves living there, with their own furniture, personal belongings, and layout style.

Manage Repairs and Maintenance

Make sure you take care of minor issues and cosmetic damage. These include old tiles, scratches and peeling, and tiny problems with appliances. You don’t need to do major renovations, but you should at least make the extra effort to address obvious, low-cost problems.

Also, be sure to improve the outside appeal of your property. Ensure landscaping looks good, address any broken windows or door knobs, clean the yard of leaves and tree limbs, and generally keep the place looking well-manicured. No eyesores!

Consult a Real Estate Agent

When you hire a realtor, you can expect an expert in the local Knoxville market. Not only should your agent use their established networks and connections to your benefit, but he or she should also handle all of the exhausting details of the home sale. From listing the property, to negotiating, preparing contracts, and closing on the deal, your agent can streamline the entire process. A real estate agent can also put you in contact with other professionals to address any property issues or concerns.

The Costs of Selling Your Knoxville Home

What does it cost to sell my house, Knoxville?

The answer is actually fairly complicated. Whether it’s ownership transfers, mortgage company fees, insurance bills, attorney expenses, or something else, you’ll have various costs to cover when you finally sell your home.

Your Knoxville home sale costs may include:

  • Property Taxes
  • Existing Mortgage
  • Home Warranties
  • Escrow Fees
  • Attorney Fees
  • Agent Commission
  • Title Insurance
  • Recording Charges
  • Transfer Taxes

Why Choose
Haley Jones?

You could spend hours typing sell my house Knoxville into Google and scrolling through search results. Why waste untold time and headaches, when you have an easy choice? A native of Knoxville with years of experience coordinating district-wide programs, working with local businesses, and selling homes, Haley Jones intimately understands Tennessee real estate. An eXp ICON holder, Haley continues to connect with new and old clientele. She believes in establishing real, lasting connections, which is why she is the trusted name in Knoxville realty. Through her spotlight newsletters, savvy digital marketing, and consistent recognition of leading teachers and businesses, Haley remains a mainstay in her community. Reach out to her today, and she’ll help you sell your home as quickly and profitably as possible.