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The 5 Best Colleges in Knoxville TN for Student Achievement

Higher education can be the cornerstone of professional success, especially in today’s high-skilled sectors! Fortunately, there are all kinds of colleges, serving numerous student needs, goals, and aptitudes. Flush with beautiful scenery and geographic diversity, Knoxville, TN, is not only known for its southern country appeal.

The city is also home to various technical, private, public, community, and 4-year educational institutions. Tennessee native, former school teacher, and local realtor, Haley Jones, knows this better than most. Even today, Haley actively nourishes her connections within Tennessee’s education system. A graduate of nearby Carson-Newman University and the famous UT Knoxville, she has talked the talk and walked the walk (with some nice degrees to boot)!

Knoxville, Tennessee: Academic Programs That Empower and Enrich

Formerly a secondary math teacher, coach, and district-wide STEM program director, Ms. Jones intimately understands the importance of educating and inspiring the youth of today for the future of tomorrow.

Tailored, innovative, and motivating academic programs can be crucial to lifelong success. Fortunately, Knoxville, Tennessee, has the programs college students seek. Whether it’s education through associate degrees, on-campus life at universities, bachelor’s degrees, or master’s degrees and beyond, all forms of education and opportunity matter.

Here are 5 of the best education programs and colleges in Knoxville, TN in 2023.

1. University of Tennessee Knoxville

This flagship campus for the University of Tennessee is an accredited public college with an undergraduate enrollment of 25,067 students and in-state tuition and fees coming out to $13,244 and out-of-state costs totaling $31,434. With 910 acres of ample college campus space, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is ranked #115 among national universities by 2022-2023 US News Best Colleges.

A public research institution, this college provides rich and varied academia as well as highly popular D1 sports. The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is an accredited college providing numerous pathways toward higher learning and focused careers.

Receive a Top-Ranking Education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

With an emphasis on scientific research especially, the university has leading education programs in its graduate business law school, its college of education, health, and human sciences, and its engineering college. These multiple ‘campuses’ within a campus routinely award scholarships and financial aid to qualifying students.

The college even plays a vital role in the management of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Students who love Greek life will discover 40 sororities and fraternities to pick from at this University. As such, many students living on campus participate in extracurricular activities to supplement their academic programs during the school year.

Whether seeking a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or another learning opportunity, a student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has access to top-notch learning facilities and great working opportunities post-graduation.

2. Tusculum University 

A private college founded in 1794, Tusculum University in Greeneville, TN, boasts a small, intimate undergrad enrollment of just over 1,200 students. Set on a 140-acre campus, the school ranks #67 in Regional Universities South and #39 in Best Value Schools among U.S. News Best Colleges. 

The tuition and fees run students about $26,900 per school year, providing small class sizes of 19:1 with popular majors in Business Administration and Management, Psychology, Nursing, and Sports and Fitness Administration.

Although Tusculum University is a Christian school, it is open to students of all faiths and denominations, or those who practice none. The school is renowned for its ability to prepare graduates for the workforce. In fact, 90% of graduates earn Tennessee salaries near the 90th percentile. 

Tailored Programs and Courses with a Christian-Approach

The school provides various graduate online, hybrid, and on-campus programs for Masters of Art, Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Sport Management, Masters of Science in Nursing, and others.

Tusculum University is also dedicated to offering high-quality education to military-affiliated students. Veterans may transfer their experiences into college credits through the Prior Learning Assessment Program. The University proudly assists veteran students through peer mentoring, VA benefit counseling, outreach, and other tailored courses and initiatives.

With over 90% of traditional undergraduates receiving some form of financial aid, it’s easy to enroll at the University of Tusculum and not break your bank account.

3. Johnson University

Ranked #26 in Regional Universities South by 2022-2023 US News, Johnson University provides a smaller, more intimate private education. Founded in 1893, this 4-year private Christian university only had 758 undergraduate students in the fall of 2020. Its tuition and fees total $19,274.

The university campus is notably home to many diverse students and programs, featuring graduates from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds. With a US News ranking of #13 in Top Performers on Social Mobility, the university has advanced students through many programs and bachelor’s degrees.

Faculty are known for taking a personal stake in every student’s program, helping them to discover the best of themselves throughout each school year. Thus, it’s no wonder so many students find their time spent at this school so invaluable.

Strategic Vocations for Spreading Christian Values

Johnson University prepares many students for Christian ministries, while also helping them target associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, education certifications, and more. A student may choose to enroll in a program for biblical studies or ministry leadership or opt for programs in media arts, psychology, intercultural commerce, and beyond.

Living on the campus also imbues a sense of learning, faith, and love, centering the student year-round on what matters most of all: being a good person.

For students at the university, financial aid and scholarships are quite prevalent. A full-time student working towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree has a good chance to receive a scholarship. Scholarships are even available to students in part-time programs. Graduate scholarships may even be granted to students in online programs.

4. Maryville College

Founded in 1819, the Tennessee private college of Maryville is an inclusive college with an academic program based on the teachings of its founder, a Presbyterian minister. Nestled on 300 acres near the Great Smoky Mountains and the city, the campus boasts 300 scenic acres, with an undergraduate enrollment of 1,046 in 2021 and $37,758 in tuition and fees.

Students find the college to be a nurturing environment that transforms thinking, broadens spiritual horizons, and enhances real-world businesses and organizations.

Living and learning on this distinct Tennessee campus contributes to sustained lifelong discovery.

Global Engagement, Self-Discovery, and Faith-Based Learning

Whether students pursue a bachelor’s degree in data analysis or Appalachian studies, or a master’s degree in the school’s first-ever master’s degree program in teaching secondary STEM, they’ll find their time well spent.

With 70 majors to choose from, it’s easy for a Maryville student to obtain a bachelor’s degree that speaks to them. All students learn to reach for the Tennessee stars, spread love, and make long-term learning a signature of living. No matter what they find or reach for, alumni of the college of Maryville seek to change lives for the better.

5. Pellissippi State Community College

Located at 10915 Hardin Valley Road, Pellissippi State Community College is one of the main community colleges in Knoxville, TN. The school is the perfect place to get your associate degree, whether you seek to earn an eventual master’s or postdoc or simply want career readiness as soon as possible.

With various transfer pathways and workforce tracks, Pellissippi Community College can get students where they want to go.

The five campuses of Pellissippi are in two counties, located at Hardin Valley, Blount County, Magnolia Avenue, Strawberry Plains, and Division Street. Pellissippi State tuition runs roughly $2,228 annually for a full-time associate student, with many students receiving financial aid and over 735 scholarship types.

Daytime or evening, full-time or part-time, students at Pellissippi can work toward their Tennessee degrees how they see fit. With a 90 percent placement rate for career program graduates, the faculty at this college know what they’re doing!

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